Opening Doors to a World of Possibilities

Mar 26, 2021 | Print

Jasmine invested in a very new technology in 2015, installing a Canon Arizona 460GT UV Flatbed press. This was a game changer in respect of the print capabilities of the company and the type of display work it could produce.

The flatbed press can print on substrates up to 2.5m x 1.25m and up to 50mm thick. It can also print on irregularly shaped or non-square items, heavy substrates such as glass, or materials that have an uneven surface such as plywood. The flatbed can also print directly onto sheets of MDF, so the range of applications is vast.

An interesting opportunity for Jasmine’s advanced print capability is the growing trend in the home and commercial décor markets where clients are looking to stretch the possibilities when it comes to enhancing their own homes or office spaces. Whether it is décor for commercial interiors such as offices, retail spaces, and hospitality suites, or in the home, the trends in design are calling for internal spaces to be more adaptable, more personal, more relaxing, and more dynamic in our new world that demands the right of self-expression.

From business and industrial environments to the new wave in home design, the markets that are now exploring decorative applications are growing day by day, creating new and exciting opportunities for the large format print sector.

Pauline Breslin, Production & Operations Manager at Jasmine said: “The work we produce on the Arizona flatbed is varied and the team is very creative in the products we bring to market. The sales personnel understand the exciting capabilities of the flatbed press and so are always on the lookout for work that can be produced more quickly and more cost effectively than traditional printing, mounting, and laminating. The UV inks we use produce really sharp durable graphics that are weatherproof without having to laminate. The fact we can print onto ANYTHING opens up so many doors – as well as being able to print on them!

“At Jasmine we have been busy creating a niche of printed products not previously possible before, such as our Metal Gallery products – which print directly onto pre laser cut sheet metal shapes. Another more bespoke area we have pioneered is printing onto laminated wall panels, creating sample swatch books for clients. We don’t just think inside the box”.

Dylan Jones, Account Manager for Large Format Graphics at Canon (UK) Ltd said: “Jasmine has been a client of ours for many years and invested in our technology at a time when cutsheet printing was in the decline and display graphics was a crowded marketplace. Jasmine wanted to bolster its turnover by exploring new revenue streams and finding projects that were unique to their area. The use of the Arizona 460GT flatbed has changed their business and the profile of work they produce, but more importantly has allowed them to start to develop the new opportunities in the home décor market.”

Pauline added: “Our plan for the future, when the world begins to open up, is to host some open days for architects, homebuilders and interior designers so we can show them what is possible on our Arizona flatbed. We feel that seeing the capability, quality and speed that we can produce will spark some creative ideas and make them rethink how they look at décor for their projects”.

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